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What's happening?

Intersting stuff. Lot's of it! Still just answering questions.

What's Cooking?

Hash. Corn beef hash. Stir it into oats in the morning (add a bit of Gruyère). Fry an egg over easy and put that on top.
Or grill onions, peppers, thin squares of corn beef. Shred last night's leftover baked potato (skin and all) till the taters and beef are crispy. The onions caramelized. Butter a thick slice of sourdough toast to serve as the bed, then the hash. Again with the fried egg up top.

updated by Tony February 21, 2015
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The Hidden Maze Game

the hidden maze game

Looking for help with The Hidden Maze Game? We have one or two options for you...

Contact the Author

The Hidden Maze Game is a current project, and input from you could improve the experience for everyone currently playing.

Send email to the game's author here.

You might also consider posting comments on the app's store review. We'll be checking these often for your valuable feedback.


updated by Ben July 7, 2013
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The Thirty Minute Task

the clock is ticking

There's lot's of thought around efficiency in coding. The actual writing of code, as well as its structure and content.

"extreme" programming, pair programming, lean, agile, "scrum" for efficency and close control of developers... C, java, ruby. Python, struts, rails - these attempt to force structure and frame content by limiting syntax, promoting "convention", rudimentary functionality is generally provided for along an mvc line; sill you write the rest to serve whatever business need.

Enter the Task

All of these particular methodologies and programming languages have more similarities than differences when viewed from orbit. They are all shiny marbles that may be shot in any direction. So how to take the shot? We build diagrams, define individual actions and state transitions, map how things are to be hooked together. Lot's of stuff to do. So we break the project down into tasks and start writing.

Lately, friends have been talking about limiting individual tasks to 30 minutes. Only take on what can be completed in 30 minutes. Seems a bit idealistic to put everything we're ever going to build into a string of sitcoms with commercials.

Ahh; the TV metaphor - perfect. How about "drama" tasks (60 minutes), sitcoms (30), news bulletins (15), commercial break (3) and for the rare headphone on code cranking session, a movie of the week (120 minutes)? By definition, movies of the week would be rare for the team...

I'm an adherent to the 20 minute task, but most problems require three or four of 'em to resolve. Will think on this some more and get back...

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